Saturday, May 10, 2014

ThreeA TomorrowKings Cornelius (Part 2)

Here are more pictures of Cornelius. I know there are alot of photos of him out there but I just can't ressist posing him and taking pictures :) So hope you will enjoy my gallery.

ThreeA TomorrowKings Cornelius (Part 1)

ThreeA TK Cornelius is a very awesome figure. I love the packaging as the box design is very stylist like a branded shoe box, Haa :) The pants of Cornelius give him a very mordern and sporting looking. The orange with white strips makes it look like a sport but with the turtle-neck sweat shirt, makes it's somehow even him more attitude. 

I photoshop this picture so we are able to see the whole illustration on the box design :)

The neck joint was very tight when I got it and it broke when I was twisting it's head.. So in order to continue shooting, I have temporary take a body from another TK. The skin tone is more yellowish than the original body. I've contacted ThreeA's customer service fand hope they are able help me.

The head sclupt of Cornelius is fantastic. He seems to be smiling :)

I think Cornelius is going for a run! Love the bright orange and white combination.