Sunday, December 16, 2012

Will Smith - I am Legend (updated)

 There's already alot of post on the MC Toys - Trailmaster Leather Jacket Suit. So I'm just going to post  a few pictures on it. I kept the old pair of shoes that I use in my previous post ( Link to my previous post ) , like these than the one by MC Toys. Just for recap, the head sculpt is by Loading Toys. Enjoy :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) Fast and Furious 5 (Updated)

 I modified my "Rock" again. (link to my previous post) I changed the vest, pants, firearms, radio signal set, muscle body... almost everything, except the head. I felt it looks better now. I did some touchup to the picture. (As if it's not obvious enough..)

 The M4A1 with an M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System attached to it, is the same firearm used in the movie. Sadly, I wasn't able to get the handgun (Smith & Wesson Model 629 Competitor Performance Center) that was armed by Dwayne Johnson in the show.